All about Janet Taylor

My love of all things health and fitness has ensured a lengthy and successful career working within both colleges and commercial training organisations in addition to my own personal Pilates business - Janet Taylor Pilates.

My Husband, Son and I moved to west Wales 2 years ago where I continue to develop my Pilates business, this works brilliantly as it has ensured I have found a place in our local and wider communities, making new contacts and friends in our new location. Running Pilates sessions is a great way to meet a wide variety of people bringing my enthusiasm and love of Pilates to a new audience giving back to the community that has welcomed us.

My work background is as a tutor, assessor and Internal quality assurer for over 35 years, training students in Pilates, Exercise to music and Gym qualifications is being channelled into developing my own Fitness business. This has given me a brilliant grounding having worked at both ends of the industry – training aspiring fitness professionals and working in the industry delivering classes. The challenges during 2020 have meant I have been able to diversify into online training, embracing the opportunity to widen my online presence and gain even more qualifications to take my business forward..