Janet Taylor Pilates

Janet Taylor

  • Pilates Flow
  • Pilates Glow
  • Trigger-Point Pilates

Pilates Flow

A combination of Standing and mat work sequences based around classical mat Pilates and Fitness Pilates to be functional for everyday living. Sessions are multi level to allow for adaptation to the majority of abilities and health status. Equipment is often used to facilitate better focus, position or loading.


Pilates Glow

Pilates Glow is a class aimed at adding a level of cardiovascular work to our regular Pilates sessions. Pilates Glow combines simple choregraphed aerobic movement patterns with standing leg work blocks focusing on balance and lower body strength and tone . It will also include Pilates mat work and flexibility sequences. To improve core and back strength and joint and muscle mobility and flexibility. We include equipment such as activation bands and balls to add variety, focus and challenges to the sessions.

Trigger Point Pilates

These sessions focus on back health and the myofascial release of key trigger points. These are small group sessions using foam rollers, trigger point and soft balls , exercise bands and other equipment to help strengthen back and core muscles , release trigger points , improve joint mobility and flexibility.


Currently sessions are running online only due to the restrictions in place at venues. An updated list of halls and online sessions will be published as soon as the situation changes.


Pilates Principles are the foundation of all Pilates exercises - Please have a look at each of these key principles